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“No gift is greater than portrait photography, it speaks to us over time, brightening our home and our hearts for years, reaching out to future generations.”

When Adelaide portrait photographers Wilson and Lewis Photography craft your portrait we do more than capture your image.
We do not just create a digital file to live and die on your hard-drive.
We forge an experience and enshrine the emotions,
forever immortalising the relationships of you and your loved ones.


Headshot of Tereza Wilson by Adelaide Portrait Photographers Wilson and Lewis Photography

Whether you are seeking a gift for a loved one, looking to create a family heirloom or designing an experience to share with your family / friends Adelaide portrait photographers Wilson and Lewis Photography are here to create the artwork you seek.

Wilson & Lewis Photography is the romantic and artistic coupling of professional portrait photographers Tereza Wilson (Sydney) and Tony J Lewis (London)

With over 10 years of experience as committed portrait photographers we create luxurious and meaningful photographic experiences for our clients. Based in Adelaide, we provide our clients with excellent bespoke portrait photography throughout South Australia.


“Adelaide portrait photographers, crafting beautiful and luxurious images as individual as you.”

As a couple in the photography industry, Tereza and Tony have become known as the wedding and portrait couple.

In photography, and in our relationship, we have found purpose and a sense of belonging. Our mutual love of portrait photography brought us together, it binds us, it inspires us to capture the beauty and love we see in others. Working together as a team, we encourage each other to be the best portrait photographers we possibly be.

Visit our online Portrait Portfolio to see examples of our unique portrait photography work and be sure to visit the Value Page to learn more about our luxurious printed photographic products and package pricing.

Contact your Adelaide portrait photographers today and begin planning your experience.


Headshot of Tony J Lewis by Adelaide Portrait Photographers Wilson and Lewis Photography


“Great photographers transcend image making.
We preserve detail, immortalizing relationships
for future generations.”

Thomas Finch

The quality of the photos speak for themselves, the extra value is in the finer details such as their effortless communication, personalities and reliable service.  

Wilson and Lewis Photography