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“Memories fade but printed Wilson and Lewis Photography
can last a lifetime and beyond”


When you purchase a Wilson and Lewis Photography portrait you purchase more than a digital file,
you purchase an experience, a memory, a printed heirloom which will be cherished for generations.

In this digital age, too many precious memories have been lost or destroyed on computer drives. It is our core belief is that the best way to enjoy and preserve your portrait photography is through the medium of print. Therefore, we offer a range of print based products for you to love and adore.

We are proud to work with and stock products created by some of the best printers in the world. These products are handmade by highly skilled professionals using only the finest materials available. We offer a range of options including frames, book, albums, with varying styles and materials to suit your individual taste.

Many of our portrait clients value modern coffee table books over the traditional album, or canvas wall art to the traditional framed print. Whichever product you commission from us, we are happy to accommodate all personal styles and choices. We love the bespoke nature of our work and you will too! How about an aluminium print beside your pool? Or wooden print above the mantle?


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All our printed products are bespoke
and tailored to suit your home.

Experience starts at $550

beautiful and unique USB presentation box by wilson and lewis photography tony lewis investment / tarif


To preserve your images digitally you will receive a uniquely packaged USB pen which will contain digital copies of your purchased prints, each will be professionally balanced and lovingly finished for online enjoyment and to provide further archival protection.

Our exclusive services have been designed so that we only take on a limited number of portraits each year, we never over book so we can fully focus our attention on creating the best work for you and your home.

Due to the nature of our bespoke service we encourage you to contact us today to discuss your needs and find out more about our luxurious and unique portrait products.

Call us today, let’s create something truly magical!

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Jamie Alan Osborn

From the great quality of the photos to the image editing to bring out your best, their effortlessly friendly and professional nature to the laid back fun of their shoot; you could simply not ask for a better experience with a better end result.

Wilson and Lewis Photography