Trusty Wedding Day Advice

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Trusty Wedding Day Advice From Real Couples


Planning a wedding can be a daunting, nerve-racking and downright stressful experience.

So, we thought we could do you a favour. We asked married couples this question:

What wedding day advice would you give yourself before the big day?

Everyone had a unique response but we found lots of common tips and advice. We want to cut down the confusion and give you real wedding day advice from couples who have been through it already. In this article, we have made a countdown of the 14 most popular pieces of advice real couples wished they had before their wedding day.


  1. Research Your Date

If something is going on nearby your wedding it could affect not only your wedding photos, but also the availability of nearby hotels. Does the day coincide with any local events or holidays? Are there any marches, parades, festivals, or local activities scheduled on that day?


  1. Take Care Of Yourself

This advice should be true all year round but it is especially important the week before your wedding. So take some comfy shoes to your rehearsal dinner, make an effort to stay hydrated and try not to stress too much.


  1. Let Someone Else Run The Show

You should be enjoying your wedding day. Not running around making sure the best man is ready for his speech, or that your nan is in the right place for family photos. Ask a trusted friend or family member to manage the order of events on your wedding day. Or even better – hire a wedding coordinator for the event.


wedding day advice about the first kiss

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Just married couple has wedding day advice to offer


  1. Trust Your Vendors

Choose professional vendors and then let them take care of you. Trust that your florist will deliver beautiful flowers. Trust your professional wedding photographer to capture the first kiss. Trust the venue to look after your guests. These are professionals and your wedding is not their first, nor will it be their last.

If achieving the best wedding photography is important to you take as much free advice form your wedding photographers as they will give you.


  1. Eat Something!

A very popular piece of wedding day advice from all the brides we asked!

The champagne will be flowing from dawn till dusk. So, make sure you eat something! In the words of a dear friend, “I had the biggest hangover of my life the next day, wasn’t pretty”.


If you need some wedding inspiration planning your perfect adelaide wedding you need to visit our wedding resources area which is packed full of tip, vendor lists and articles to help plan your perfect day.

Wedding Resources


  1. Be Realistic With Your Time

When planning the wedding, think about how much spare time do you really have each week to dedicate to this task. We all lead busy lives and it might be difficult to find that extra time. Hire a wedding planner to help you. Alternatively, you might need to rethink your DIY decorations, or have meetings with vendors over Skype.


  1. Ask For Help And Delegate

If you cannot afford a wedding planner or desperately want a handwritten message on each table setting, don’t be afraid to ask for help! If you are lucky enough to find yourself surrounded by helpful people, be sure to delegate. Give each helper a specific task suited to their skills and interests.


  1. Have Less Guests

Cutting down on the guest list might feel heart-breaking but most couples gave this advice. Invite people only because you want to, not because you should. It can save you money and you’ll have a better time celebrating with people you actually like rather than avoiding the extended family you don’t. Memorise a pre-prepared response for anyone who interrogates you on why they were not invited.


  1. Prioritise Your Budget

Weddings are expensive and it is easy to blow your budget. Think about the things that matter to you and the things that last beyond the wedding day. Other than your marriage and your wedding photos, everything else is there only for one day.

Spend big on the things that really matter and compromise on the things that don’t.


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happy couple had good wedding day advice

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  1. Something Will Go Wrong

No matter how much preparation you do, something will not go according to plan. The power may go off, there may be torrential rain, and at least one guest will embarrass themselves. Maybe you were planning an unplugged wedding and someone uses their phones regardless… Try not to stress about it and just go with the flow. At the end of the day you will have some great stories to tell – and some interesting wedding photography too!


  1. It’s Your Party, You Can Do What You Want To

Your wedding is exactly that – YOUR wedding.

You will receive wedding day advice from family, friends and total strangers about what you can and can’t do. Ignore them all and do what you want. At the end of the day, your wedding is a reflection of the love you and your partner share. Have it at a beach, in a church, in your backyard, or just elope – it’s all okay!


  1. You Can’t Please Everyone

This is much like the previous point but it deserves a special mention. No matter how you choose to celebrate your wedding, someone will disagree with you. It may be difficult to ignore the opinions but try not to focus on the negativity and stick to your guns. Follow your heart, trust your vision and enjoy your day.


  1. Read Your Contracts

You will need to sign contracts with your venue, your professional wedding photographer and other vendors. It is a tedious job but please read your contracts. No one should force you to sign anything before you have read and understood it. Make sure you know exactly what service to expect from each vendor.


  1. Time Flies

By far the most shared piece of wedding day advice from everyone we spoke to.

Your wedding day will go by in a flash.

Months of planning comes down to 8-10 emotional hours and then it is all over. So, appreciate every moment. Steal secret kisses from your spouse. Relish in the tears, the laughter and the mishaps. Celebrate your love and remember to have fun!


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