Wedding Investment

“We are so happy with our Wilson and Lewis Photography
it feels like the missing piece to our wedding puzzle.”

After your wedding there the two things that will be with you forever are
your spouse and your wedding photography.

Your wedding images will last forever, and like your wedding vows, they should be celebrated every single day. The best way to enjoy these precious wedding memories is to display them on your walls, in your home and in a luxury printed photo album.

To preserve your images include a beautiful wedding album in each Wilson and Lewis Photography wedding package, we also provide a uniquely packaged USB pen containing your finished photographs.

Our wedding albums and wall prints are archival, printed with some of the best manufacturers in the world they are created by professionals using only the finest materials available. We offer a range of album options including colours, styles and materials. You may also add framed prints or canvas wall art to your wedding package.

To provide further archival protection, we will retain a digital back-up of your images, a copy of which is placed in a secure online storage area which you are able to access at any time.


Great value and emotional investment is placed in a wilson and lewis photography album

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Wedding coverage from $3500


Great value and emotional investment is placed in a wilson and lewis photography usb box set

Each wedding package includes an engagement or pre-wedding shoot, a finished wedding album, a pre and post wedding consultation, a beautifully presented usb containing your images and two photographers – Tereza Wilson, who documents your bridal party, and Tony J Lewis who will accompany your groomsmen as we document your special day.

Due to the bespoke nature of our services the above price should be used as an indicator only. We encourage you to contact us to discuss your wedding and to learn more about our luxurious and unique wedding and engagement packages.

We have designed our services to be exclusive and such only commit to a limited number of weddings each year. As we never over book our services we can focus our attention on you and the importance of your wedding day.

We are excited to hear about your wedding plans and ideas. Call us today to secure your wedding date.



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Creative, collaborative and fun! The main thing, I was made to feel completely comfortable in the studio.  

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